Only a few months ago, Dalio was a Bitcoin skeptic. Now he is ditching bonds and gold for Bitcoin.

Ray Dalio added Bitcoin to his holdings.

He recently said that he would “rather own Bitcoin than a bond.”

For those not familiar with Ray Dalio, he is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund.

Dalio is the real deal.

When he talks, you can bet the smartest investors in the world are listening.

In addition, he’s a straight-up cool guy. He meditates, produces viral videos, and dedicates much of his time to educating himself and others.

I predicted this move by Dalio last year, but in retrospect, it was inevitable.

So first, why he bashed bonds?

Bonds are in the biggest bull…

$200 trillion is changing store of value, and we’re fortunate enough to be a part of it.

One of Warren Buffett many hidden quotes that stand out is:

“Rule Number One: Never lose money. Rule Number Two: Never Forget Rule Number One.”

Though one must not take Buffett literally, in this case, we’re are seeing something interesting happening now.

More than half of the world’s wealth is about to lose 90% of its value.

Here’s what I mean.

Out of $400 trillion of total global financial assets, $200 trillion is invested in debt-denominated instruments or bonds.

Elon Musk Dropped Three Bombshells about Tesla.

Tesla has gone through plenty of smear campaigns by mainstream media and us the alternative analyst are already used to it. We follow it closely, ignore the noise and hold Tesla shares.

This quarter yet again, Wall Street and the media dramatically underestimated Tesla. Yet again. I don’t understand how these people are so far off the mark every single time. But that’s beside the point.

But, let me start from the beginning.

Tesla’s Q1 results were entirely uneventful. However, within this boredom, Elon Musk managed to drop three bombshells.

Let me walk you through.

Outperforming estimates

Tesla smashed practically every record…

Investment advise I would give my younger self.

People crave for big secrets to make money. The reality in life is that most things are simple.

For example, if you want to lose weight, there is no secret workout plan or a diet. You have to consume fewer calories than you burn.

The same applies to wealth. If you want to make money, you have to spend less than you earn and invest the difference in assets that appreciate long-term.

Whether you want to grow or preserve your wealth, you always have to maintain a firm set of qualities. …

Unless you grow your money by 25% annually, you’re destroying your wealth.

There has been a lot of talk about a dollar collapse and the rise of inflation recently.

Yet, the reality is that dollar debasement isn’t anything new. In fact, it is well underway.

So let me walk you through how we can understand it, what history shows us, and what will happen with your money soon. And, of course, how you can protect yourself as it all unfolds right before your eyes.

CPI is a flawed measure

I think we can both agree that what’s happening to the US dollar matters. It’s the world’s reserve currency, and 90% of all world transactions occur in dollars…

But one is dominating over everything else.

Bitcoin has created a whole new asset class and an entire segment of the economy. At the same time, many people still doubt its value proposition.

So what are the real-world implications of Bitcoin, and how is it changing things for everyday people and large investors?

Let me break this down for you.

Medium of exchange

If we take Satoshi’s whitepaper at face value, Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. And even though it is not the fastest or the cheapest network, it still lives up to its original expectations.

According to a recent study by Deutsche Bank, Bitcoin is…

Uncertainty is life’s only certainty.

A year ago, the entire world went into its first stage of lockdown. One year later, most of the planet is still under various types of lockdowns.

But as the world marks a questionable anniversary, I still cannot quite believe how drastically the world changed almost overnight. If someone had told me a year ago that we would be in lockdown for a year, I would have called them insane.

At the same time, I think the lockdowns have taught us all some valuable lessons, and I would like to share some of those with you.

Health is wealth

I never take my…

Know-your-client (KYC) guidelines and Investor Protection programs are more damaging than the problems they are trying to solve.

There is a whole list of issues with the global financial system. But usually, those that are the least examined are the most dangerous.

What do I mean exactly?

One of the issues is called Know-your-client (KYC) guidelines and the other Investor Protection programs.

Those regulations are more damaging than the problems they are trying to solve.

Here’s why.

The real social cost of KYC/AML practices

Know your client (KYC) or anti-money-laundering (AML) guidelines require that financial institutions make an effort to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining an account.

To put this in perspective, governments, through banks, are collecting billions of data points…

When adjusted for real inflation, bonds are guaranteed to lose money.

Are you sick and tired of hearing that the 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio a proper diversification?

I get it. According to data, if you invested in a 60/40 portfolio at the beginning of 2011, you barely made any profit on your 40% portion. While stocks produced a gain of 14.1%, assuming you invested the stock portion in the S&P 500, the bond portion produced only 3.7% annually.

To keep the equity markets stable, central bankers will “act big” and keep interest rates near zero until 2023.

It has become evident that the equity markets are entirely detached from the real economy.

Take last year, for example. While the U.S. unemployment was at an all-time high, the entire planet under lockdowns, and millions of small businesses closing forever, the S&P 500 was enjoying a party of the century.

Make no mistake, the leading cause of this madness was the actions of central bankers. They have always raced into the markets like overprotective parents to a crying baby at…

Ras Vasilisin

Founder & CEO at Virtuse Exchange. Also economist, investment strategist, philosophy junkie and traveller.

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